Piazza Doyle Fine Arts

Come in, browse and enjoy the art work by Esther Piazza-Doyle. Currently featured are scenes of the lowcountry of South Carolina, farm animals, children, and an old historic mountain cabin in the Appalachian Mountains.  All art work is original and one-of-a-kind.


Perspective Art Gallery in Crickentree Shopping Center in Mt. Pleasant (see map)

Member of Charleston Artists Guild, Mt. Pleasant Artists Guild, International Society of Scratchboard Artists.

Last Update: 2/16/2020
The Blues Brothers - Oil on Canvas 8x10

Children at Play -Graphite 12x9

 Freedom, Oil on Canvas 12x16

Cape Romain Lighthouse
Oil on Canvas 12x16

Marsh Creek on Dewees Island SC
Oil on Canvas 12x16

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Wood Stork
Oil on Canvas 12x16

Sweetie, Oil on Canvas 12x16

Dancing Spoonbill, Oil on Canvas 11x14
Exhibiting member Charleston Artist Guild, Mt. Pleasant Artist Guild
Fishin' - Oil on Canvas 12x16
Tricolored Heron, Oil on Canvas 8x10

Most frames are not displayed with images.  Size does not include frame.  Please do not print, distribute or in any way reproduce images or copy on this website without permission.  Thank you.  Copyright 2021.  All rights reserved.
The Aggie Gray, 12x16 Oil on Canvas
Butterfly on Milkweed - Watercolor 7x10
Wood Stork-Colored Pencil 5x7
Legare Street, Charleston, SC 
 11x14 Colored Pencil 
Loggerhead Hatchling - Watercolor
Incoming - 8x10 Oil on Canvas
Dewees Island - 12x16 Oil on Canvas
Michelangelo's Isaiah - CPencil - 10x13
The Old Homestead
Colored Pencil, graphite 11x14
The Farm - Colored Pencil 11x14
Basket-Weaver - Graphite 9x14
Nesting Bald Eagles - Graphite 9-1/2x14
Atticus - Scratchboard 8x10
Fur Baby - Scratchboard 8x10
Egret - Scratchboard 8x10
Tabby's Playtime - Scratchboard 8x10
Heading Out - Scratchboard 6x6
Dawn Shrimpers - Scratchboard 6x6
Dinner - Scratchboard 6x6
Shrimper Series hangs in diamond shape position. May be purchased separately.
Birch Forest - Scratchboard 8x10
Lakota - Scratchboard 8x10
The Hunter - Scratchboard 8x10
Kamots - Scratchboard 6x6
Gamecock - Scratchboard 8x10
Hungry Eyes - Scratchboard 6x6
SCRATCHBOARD  art originated in the 19th century in Europe and is a form of direct engraving.  Under a top layer of black India ink is a layer of kaolin clay on a board.  Multi-colored layers can also be used or color applied after the etching, if desired.  It became a popular medium for illustrations due to its clear, fine lines that could be photographed without losing quality.  In the 1930s to 1950s, it was one of the preferred techniques for medical, scientific, and product printing.  The engraving is accomplished by using sharp instruments primarily, such as an Exacto knife or scalpel.  However, other tools such as sandpaper, steel wool, brushes, and any tool the imagination can provide are also practiced. Scratchboard is not widely known and is considered by many artists to be one of the most challenging mediums.  It is a very time consuming work as all textures are created by fine scratches. 
His Majesty - Scratchboard - 16x20
Osprey Incoming - Scratchboard - 11x14
Great White Egret Family - Scratchboard - 8x10
Bald Eagle - Scratchboard - 5x7
Great Horned Owl - Scratchboard - 11x14
Great Blue Heron - Scratchboard - 8x10